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How it Works

Two easy steps to energy efficiency:

Step 1: Get your free home energy assessment.

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Qualify for a free home energy assessment

If your household income is less than $234,200 for all towns in Westchester and $189,200 for Dutchess and Orange counties, you'll get your assessment for free.

Find out how to apply
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Enjoy the gold standard in home energy assessments

You'll get a comprehensive home assessment to improve energy efficiency and home comfort, while helping the community save energy.

Watch our Energy Coach explain why not all upgrades are created equal.
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Select a state certified energy efficiency contractor in your area.

Contractors in Energize New York are local, accountable and trained to make sure your upgrade experience is second to none.

Find a home performance professional
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See where your energy goes and how upgrades can help you

Understand how each suggested measure impacts your savings, comfort, and health and safety. Get expert advice from your contractor and our independent energy coach about the recommendations.

Your energy loss may surprise you.

Step 2: Perform the energy improvements.

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Choose your improvements

Your contractor will help you select the measures that make the most sense for your home. Contractors can guide you towards improvements that will save you more money than they cost.

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Get low interest financing for your upgrades

Homeowners can apply for low-cost financing with these terms:
Interest rates range from 3.49% - 6.99%
Up to $25,000
5, 10 or 15-year terms
Typically, your monthly loan payments will be less than your monthly energy savings.

Learn about financing
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Complete the energy improvements

Your contractor will perform the improvements you selected. At the end of the process, contractors will assess the house for the second time to ensure that performance and safety standards have been met.

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Feel secure with best-in-class quality assurance process

We survey every customer for satisfaction and to continually improve the experience. You can ask to verify the contractor's work. Energize will provide you with a free quality assurance visit performed by an independent technical expert.