Questions from a hesitant homeowner

Written by: Bobby Veit on Dec 8th 2011
Questions from a hesitant homeowner

Dear Energize,

I’m definitely interested in having my home assessed and maybe even making some improvements. But with winter on the horizon, have I missed the window of opportunity for this year?  I’m worried that it’s harder to do an assessment in winter, and maybe inconvenient. Can they even measure my home’s energy use when it’s cold outside?  Are these silly questions?

Hesitant Homeowner, Katonah


Dear Hesitant,

As they told us in school, the only silly question is the one you don’t ask.  And here’s more good news: winter is a great time to get a comprehensive energy assessment for your home!

The equipment used to measure your home’s systems is sophisticated and designed to handle all the variables of the environment, and the trained BPI-certified contractors who perform these assessments can get accurate, thorough information no matter the weather outside.

What’s more, winter is an ideal time to upgrade a home, because the positive impact on your utility bills will be immediate and easy to see.

The assessment process may require briefly turning off your heat — so there could be an hour or so during which you’ll want to wear an extra layer — but that is the extent of the inconvenience of having a winter-time assessment (which is more than made up for by the savings and comfort you’ll enjoy when the process is complete.)

No need to be hesitant, Hesitant.  Sounds like you’re ready to save money and be more comfortable.  Let us get you started by signing you up for a free or subsidized comprehensive assessment today.


The Energize Team (Lauren, Tom, Heather, Norm)