Energize NY Residential in New Rochelle

Written by: Lauren Brois on Feb 2nd 2016

Energize NY and New Rochelle Mayor Noam Bramson co-hosted an information session at City Hall last week for residents and community leaders to learn more about Energize NY energy savings program for homeowners (Energize NY Residential). The invitation-only event brought together representatives of New Rochelle homeowner associations, civic leaders and city officials to learn more about Energize NY Residential.  Mayor Bramson highlighted how New Rochelle’s sustainability and economic development goals could align with those of Energize NY by helping residents to save money and reduce energy waste and greenhouse gas emissions.  Energize NY Residential Program Director (Tom Bregman), Assistant Program Director (Lauren Brois) and Energize NY Executive Director (Mark Thielking) outlined the history, design and successes of Energize NY Residential and responded to questions from attendees.  Several homeowners also recounted their own positive experiences with making energy efficiency improvements to their homes.  Energize NY’s Energy Coach, Norm Jen also provided a mini training on building science and home energy efficiency.

Mayor Bramson will be following up with attendees and other New Rochelle homeowners in the coming weeks to gauge the level of interest and support for an Energize NY Residential program in the city.  Energize NY this month will be holding planning sessions and other meetings with communities already engaged in bringing energy savings to their residents.