Energize NY Residential had its best month ever!

Written by: Lauren Brois on Jul 16th 2014
Energize NY Residential had its best month ever!

The June Home Performance numbers are in and Energize NY Residential had its best month ever!

Across the 14 Northern Westchester "Energized communities" Home Performance contractors completed a record 32 energy efficiency upgrades - a rate of more than 1 every day of the month!!!  Also, 26 of the 32 homes were Energized by the 6 members (contracting companies) of the Energize Comfort Corps.  The total is higher by half than our next best month and represents 40% of all home upgrades in the Mid-Hudson Region, delivering 4X results when compared to the rest of the region and 5X results compared to the state as a whole!

Since Home Performance program launched in 2001-02 the warm summer months have meant a significant drop off in production for downstate counties.  June upgrades in Westchester have averaged less than 5 over the life of the program which makes this year's number even more remarkable.  This is an extraordinary accomplishment that must be shared by all Energize stakeholder including our community trusted sources, local leaders, program volunteers, active homeowners, as well as the Energize Comfort Corps contractors.

Thank you all for such a wonderful month.  Let's keep it up through the rest of the summer!!!