Energize NY Residential by the Numbers

Written by: Lauren Brois on Jan 5th 2016

Our Year in Review

2015 was a busy year for both homeowners looking to save money on their energy bills and for energy efficiency contractors working through the Home Performance with Energy Star Program.

We are very proud to announce that 310 Homes were Energized in 2015!  This group of homeowners is projected to save $589,000 on their annual energy bills, and much of that savings can be recycled into the local economy! The positive economic impact is amplified by the creation and retention of good local jobs in a number of residential energy efficiency businesses.

These 310 new Energized homes are also responsible for the reduction of nearly 2,000 tons of greenhouse gases emissions - the equivalent of permanently removing 104 gasoline powered cars from the road. Once a home is Energized, it’s saving energy without any additional effort on the homeowners part.

Finally, 714 homeowners had a comprehensive home energy assessment with a certified contractor to learn how they can stop wasting energy and money, and find out how they can stop cold drafts and icicles in wintertime too.  We're sure many more of these assessments will lead to Energized Homes in 2016.

Join your neighbors and sign up for a free or reduced cost comprehensive home energy assessment today! Call 914-302-7300 ext 8102.