Why join 

Joining Energize NY enables commercial property owners within your municipality to access Energize NY financing. Energize NY financing helps make clean energy improvements to commercial properties possible. Property owners saving money benefits the whole community. 

  • Dollars that were being spent on unnecessary energy costs now stay in the community
  • Dollars become available for reinvestment into the community
  • Jobs are created to meet the increased demand for skilled building professionals 
  • As energy upgrades are completed, the overall building stock of the community improves
  • Improved building stock and low utility bills attract employers to the area
  • Take an active role in meeting the sustainability goals your community has set
Learn how other municpalities are benefitting from Energize NY membership.

How to join

Any NY State municipality with a bond rating A or higher and authority may join. There are 3 steps to join Energize NY.

  1. Pass the Local Law
  2. Sign the EIC/Municipal Agreement
  3. Send a letter to the Energize NY Board formally requesting membership

We are available to meet with your Legislative staff, legal team, make board meeting presentations, and walk you through the process. Please let us know how we can help your municipality get involved! 

Additional Information

Guide: How to add Tax Charge

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  2. Town/City
  3. Municipal FAQ's