Eligible Buildings

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Eligible Buildings

Commercially-owned existing buildings on properties located within a municipality that is a member of the Energy Improvement Corporation are eligible.

Commercially-owned buildings include:

  • offices
  • retail
  • multifamily buildings
  • industrial
  • hospitality
  • medical
  • schools
  • healthcare facilities
  • houses of worship
  • nonprofit-owned buildings
  • commercially-owned single family (1-4 units)

At this time new construction is not eligible. If you would like to use ENY Financing for your project in a municipality that is not yet a member, please contact us. 


Eligible Upgrades

Energize NY Financing is made available to energy efficiency and renewable energy projects that install permanent improvements to reduce energy costs, in existing buildings. These could include:

  • Energy efficiency upgrades like new lighting technologies, insulation, upgraded efficient heating or cooling, smart controls, fuel conversions.
  • Renewable energy projects like on-site solar PV, solar thermal or geothermal