Energize NY PACE Application

Your first step in applying is to fill out a Pre-Application to determine eligibility for PACE financing. Use the online form below. Alternatively you may download the PDF version by clicking the button on the left. The PDF will need to be filled in, printed, scanned and emailed to preapp@energizeny.org

Once we have pre-qualified the building to apply for financing, it’s time to get started with an energy study of the building. NYSERDA and your local utility have lists of contractors who can guide you and help you determine your best options for using Energize NY PACE financing. 

WESTCHESTER AFFORDABLE HOUSING & NOT-FOR-PROFITS: If this application is for an affordable housing or is owned by a not-for-profit building and is located in Westchester County, you may be eligible for an even lower interest rate on your PACE financing as part of The Westchester Project. If you are interested in the Westchester Project, please so indicate in the 'Related Notes and Details' section of the pre-application.


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