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Energize NY seeks organized, independent college students or recent graduates with strong analytic and communication skills who want a meaningful work experience in the field of clean energy.  

Due to the high volume of responses for our summer internship, applications for the paid summer internship position are no longer being accepted.

If you are interested in a volunteer position, please submit your resume to

Posted on: May 26, 2017. Download the complete internship opportunity

Hear from our Interns

Tiffany Kakkanatt

Summer 2017
Carnegie Mellon University, Class of 2018

As an intern at Energize NY, I got the chance to develop valuable skills that will be applicable to future endeavors. I learned how to use MailChimp and Salesforce, two platforms that I believe are highly valuable in any position that relies on communications. On another project, I visited a local beekeeper and got to see her hives, which was an incredible experience, and I was given the freedom to conduct an interview that was so fascinating to me. I am excited to share what I learned in our newsletters! Lastly, the people at Energize NY are kind and passionate, and make the office an enjoyable place to be.

Lan Zhang

Spring 2017 Intern
Harvard University , Class of 2021

As a high school senior, I had never imagined receiving the amount of responsibility and respect as I did while interning at Energize NY. I immediately felt welcome, and over the course of a month, was able to pursue interests I had never gotten a chance to explore, and learn valuable lessons as I completed tasks that were outside of my comfort zone. After making dozens of homeowner phone calls, I pushed myself to overcome my initial discomfort with the task, and with every successful conversation felt as if I was making an immediate impact in improving the energy efficiency of my local community. As I refined my skills in Adobe Illustrator and created various marketing materials in this platform, I was able to apply my interest in design to an outreach project that reached a large audience of homeowners. By attending press conferences, engaging in conversations with co-workers, and meeting with local politicians, I gained a greater understanding of the clean energy industry in a local context and appreciated the initiatives being taken to make my community greener.

Josh Holder

Spring 2017 Intern
Rice University , Class of 2021

I interned at Energize NY through Croton Harmon High School’s OPTIONS program.  My time at Energize managed to be both enjoyable and educational, teaching me to work in an office environment in a way that provided visible benefits to the community. During my time at Energize, I produced a 5-part video series helping homeowners improve their homes, reached out to the community via phone calls, researched various programs promoting energy efficiency in the area, and presented in front of the local town board and sustainability council to suggest potential measures to be taken to improve the energy efficiency of the community. I would highly recommend an internship at Energize for anyone who wants to do real, impactful work in a friendly office environment.

Sammi Greenburgh

Spring 2017 Intern
Bucknell University, Class of 2021

North Salem High School Class of 2017

Zulfi Soomro

Spring 2017 Intern
University of Pennsylvania, Class of 2021

I interned with Energize NY at the end of my senior year of high school as a part of Horace Greeley High School's Senior Experience program. At Energize, I was given the freedom to contribute in a way that was comfortable and enjoyable for me. I produced video content, edited blogs, and created visual media which will make a direct impact on the energy efficiency of the local area. Through these projects, I was able to learn a wide variety of skills which will undoubtedly be of use in the future. Additionally, interning at Energize NY gave me the opportunity to connect with my local community through individual communication with homeowners and meetings with sustainability representatives. Overall, this experience gave me the flexibility to apply my strengths on projects I found interesting while learning skills which I will apply in the future. I enjoyed interning here and I had an invaluable experience. 

Martin Goni

Winter and Spring 2017 Intern
Babson College, Class of 2016

From my first day at Energize NY, I was able to come in and apply my skills to fun projects, as well as develop new ones by collaborating with accomplished and supportive co-workers. I assisted with production of communications materials, assisting with commercial financing, as well as worked with their robust software and PaaS. Working with such a capable group of people meant I could put out high quality work, and being in a smaller company, I had full visibility of how my work as an intern would impact the company. My time at Energize was invaluable, teaching me how to work in a business environment and giving me the resources to do it effectively.

Laura Bart

Summer 2016 Intern
Bucknell University, Class of 2019

As the summer 2016 Residential Intern for Energize NY I had a great experience being able to learn skills in the office and in the field. From making calls to homeowners to creating flyers and interactive games to bring to farmer's markets and local pools, I learned a lot about what Energize NY does and how important their cause is. Some of my main projects included tabling at local street fairs, farmers markets, pools and community events, updating the Salesforce and CRIS databases, working on compiling and creating several case study reports from past homeowners and updating Energize's social media (#trendsettingthursdays). Overall, Energize NY was a really great work environment and learning experience for me and I think it stands out from the average "intern experience" in many ways. 

Nicholas Asaro

Winter and Summer 2016 Intern
Bucknell University, Class of 2018

As an intern at Energize NY, my role was primarily focused on revamping project and contact databases. This involved implementing Salesforce CRM, which is an very well-known and widely used platform. I worked side-by-side with multiple departments to structure the new CRM, prepared and performed the mass data uploads, and built multiple reports that are used on daily, weekly, and annual bases. The skills I gained last summer have been extremely applicable upon searching for new positions, and interviewers have always been intrigued and impressed with my experience at Energize NY. It’s a great team with great goals for advancing the sustainability agenda. 

Matthew Rube

Winter 2015 Intern
Dartmouth College, Class of 2019

My time at Energize NY was characterized by kind people, interesting work, and experiential learning. My fellow interns and co-workers were nothing but supportive and intelligent. Completing projects or learning about Energize's business was always a stress-free process thanks to the kindness of everyone in the office. 

I worked on projects which included residential and municipal outreach, working directly with local officials on behalf of Energize, and helping research PACE-applicable town and county law agreements. Most importantly however, I learned how to interact with people in a work environment and I learned how different people play different roles in small business settings.  In conclusion, I got real world business experience and made meaningful life connections at a non-profit working to make the world a better place. I highly recommend the experience!

Catherine H. Rocchi

Winter 2015 Intern
Dartmouth College, Class of 2019

I worked on a variety of projects during my internship at Energize, including creating promotional video, revising a grant proposal, interacting with residential clients, and compiling a database of potential funding sources. It was a great first experience in an office environment, and I learned a lot about the finances associated with renewables contracting and running a nonprofit. I also discovered that I love collaborating with the kind, motivated people drawn to work at organizations like Energize NY. 

Sarah Jen

Summer 2015 Intern
University of Notre Dame, Class of 2017

Interning at Energize NY helped me gain new skills and become more comfortable in an office environment. Through tabling at various farmer’s markets and calling homeowners to get contractor reviews, I strengthened my ability to communicate with others, market a concept and present. This internship also helped me develop technical skills, such as Excel, Salesforce and Mailchimp. In addition to the skills I developed, my time at Energize NY made me feel like I was contributing to my local community and helped clarify what career path I wanted to pursue.