About Energize NY

Energize NY™ helps break down the barriers to energy saving solutions for building owners in NY State. Sometimes a lack of knowledge about energy saving solutions is the barrier, other times it may be access to qualified contractors or affordable financing. Energize NY drives demand for clean energy upgrades through community-based outreach about energy saving opportunities and by providing low-cost, long-term financing for commercial clean energy projects. We work with our member communities throughout NY State to help building owners eliminate energy wasted in their buildings-saving money, fuel and greenhouse gas emissions.

Energize NY offers a number of clean energy services in its member communities: Energize NY Commercial, Energize NY PACE Finance, Energize NY Homeowner Services, which are designed to make energy savings decisions easier for building owners and to build large-scale demand for energy improvements.


Energize NY Commercial helps commercial and not-for-profit building owners reduce energy waste and save money by undertaking energy efficiency and renewable energy improvements. Energize NY Commercial works with owners of various building types (Commercial and Industrial, Multifamily, and Small Commercially-Owned Residential), to achieve deep energy savings by upgrading building systems including heating, ventilation and air conditioning, lighting, domestic hot water, insulation, facade and system controls, as well as by making renewable energy installments, such as on-site solar photovoltaics, solar hot water and wind power generation.


Energize NY supports building owners throughout the improvement process from finding a certified building energy appraiser and qualified engineering and design contractors to securing financing for the project. We also assist property owners with navigating NYSERDA and public utility incentive programs to maximize the value of the energy savings projects.


Energize NY Finance is New York State’s Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) finance program, offering long-term, affordable financing to commercial building owners and not-for-profits for energy efficiency and renewable energy projects. Energize NY Finance has all the benefits of PACE -- access to capital based on the building’s potential energy savings not personal credit, extended loan terms for up to 100% of project costs, repayment as a charge on the property’s tax bill, and automatic transfer of the financing to a new owner if the property is sold. A more detailed list of financing features and benefits is available at Commercial.EnergizeNY.org.


Energize NY Residential works with homeowners to realize energy solutions that reduce energy waste, make homes more comfortable and save money. Energize NY provides homeowners with useful information, innovative tools and the support they need to create a more comfortable home while using less energy. Working closely with our Energize NY Residential communities in northern Westchester County, NY, Energize NY has dramatically increased awareness of and demand for energy efficiency upgrades since its founding in 2011 and to Dutchess County since 2017.


Energy Improvement Corporation (EIC) is a New York State non-profit, local development corporation that operates Energize NY. EIC is owned by its member municipalities, which include counties, cities, towns and village across NY State. Eligible New York municipalities can become a member by passing a local law that enables the municipality to offer Energize NY services, signing an agreement with EIC and formally requesting membership. Energize NY Municipality Page